Double and Float Tip in C#

I wrote a code snippet that day, and Visual Studio throws an error message regarding type conversation between Double and Float.

This is the original code:

float number = 1.35;
//Compiler throw an error

As you can see, I declared a variable named number, and its data type is Float. The number’s value is 1.35. However, Visual Studio throws the error as:

Literal of type double cannot be implicit converted to type ‘float’; use an ‘F’ suffix to create a literal of this type

Why does it happen?

Double and Float

The documentation in Microsoft explains why. Have a look the chart blow.

The double type has a larger range than Float type in C#; its size is larger than Float type in memory. The compiler chooses the data type which has a larger size in memory by default.

Let’s go back to our code. The compiler thinks 1.35 is a Double type by default, which prevents from trigger a memory leak. To use the Float data type, we need to add a suffix f in our code. The new code should be:

float number = 1.35f;
//Compiler know this is a float type precisely.

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