Activity Diagram in UML

In UML, Activity Diagram is used for workflow and process modelling, which can capture paralleled behaviour and multiple behaviours.

Key Element

  • Start and Nodes
  • Actions
  • Flows
  • Fork & Joint
  • Decision & Merge

Basic Diagram

There are five actions in the above diagram, one Start, one Finish and one Merge. As we can see, the diagram demonstrates an activity from start to end. Action 3 and Action 4 merge into a coordination object.

Diagram with Fork & Joint

There are one Fork and one Joint in the above diagram. Action 1 splits into Action 2 and Action 3. In the end, Action 2 and Action 3 merge into Action 4.

Diagram with Decision Making

In the above diagram, we need to decide on an available parking space. If the answer is Yes, we will execute Action 1; otherwise, we will execute Action 2.

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